Performance Improvement

Jamesford designs business performance improvement programmes. We work closely with our clients to ensure the improvement is optimally planned and successfully implemented to achieve lasting benefits.

Business transformation programs can be complex and often fall below expectations. As an experienced practitioner in business transformations, we design, facilitate and accelerate successful transformation programs.

Our transformation programmes are designed to assist our clients in becoming the finest in their field.

We believe that a successful business transformation must:

  • Define overall vision, targets and requirements for the future
  • Use a phased approach with timed implementation stages
  • Demonstrate progress through special events and interventions
  • Ensure employee buy-in through engagement at an early stage

Performance Improvement

We combine methodologies, experience, and clarification of client needs with an injection of creativity to draft the transformation journey.

Our approach accelerates your transformation program and reflects our commitment to excellence, sustainability and speed. In 8 to 10 weeks, we jointly produce the major conceptual and design elements needed to prepare your organization for change.

During this period, we work extensively with your executives to create a unique transformation architecture and design. Our programs are proven to quickly improve key performance indicators resulting in higher total revenue, reduced costs and an engaged workforce.

Performance Improvement

Back office cost reduction

Simplifying the core business support processes, eliminating the non-value add activities, re-organising around the internal customer support processes and facilitating the changes for this national building society delivered savings of 28%…
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IT cost reduction

Challenging legacy mindsets, focusing on the needs of the internal customer, employing the power of zero based budgeting, eliminating the non-value add activities, outsourcing non-core activities and in-sourcing core activities for enhanced control for this national insurance broker resulted in savings of 30%…
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Merger synergies

The business strategy and plan had been prepared by this leading Private Equity investor – a robust and challenging agenda. Our role was to help the management of this ATM provider to deliver the savings. Result EBITDA increased from 7% to 18%…
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Retail transformation

Focused the business on key customer segments, trialed new look/feel retail concept plus product plus service approach in six leading branches, rolled out the concept nationwide in this national Shoe chain. Result, 15% uplift in sales and profits…
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Market penetration

Developing a strategy for launching/penetrating the office fit out market for a national Building company. Result, the new business is growing and profitable…
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Developed market growth strategy, streamlined the operations to focus on profitable lines of furniture for best performing market segments, streamlined supply chain, eliminated non performing products/segments/services, implemented new systems and management processes for this national Furniture chain. Result, business turned round and trading profitably…
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Market entry

Sector analysis/evaluation, developing a strategy for launching/penetrating the “Intelligent Office” sector for a national Office Fit-Out company. Result, successful service launch and new highly profitable line of business established…
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Distribution transformation

Processes streamlined, supply chain rationalized, international marketing strategy re-focussed and management processes enhanced for this international Watch distributor. Result, company now trading profitably and attracting investment offers.

Transformation and cost reduction to grow

Cost reduction, re-organisation and facilitating the changes enabled this regional energy company to grow into a national company…
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Business evaluation

Evaluated potential Greek petrochemical acquisition for this Russian Oil major. Result, decision not to proceed as potential acquisition was overpriced…
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Transforming a Government NDPB

Re-focus the organisation on its core mission, streamline the operational processes, outsource non-core activities, reorganisation, change of restrictive HRM processes/policies and implementation of enhanced management processes for this Non Departmental Public Body. Result, costs reduced by 25%…
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Establishing a Government NDPB on commercial lines

Established a Non Departmental Body with best private sector practices. Result, established in record time and successfully trading…
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