Change Management

Jamesford designs programmes of change to transform our client’s business. We work closely with our clients to manage change agendas, avoiding the pitfalls and delivering on the planned improvements.

Organisations often struggle with the complexity of change programmes. The process that will deliver success without disrupting current operations can seem elusive.

Whatever change you need to implement – whether it’s transforming the strategy that drives your business, re-organising around your customer or reducing costs – the answer always lies in your people.

We have extensive experience helping clients to manage change, and we never lose sight of the importance of people in designing and delivering successful change programmes.

Change Management

We offer the antithesis to a rigid, textbook approach, with expert change management consultants ready to listen to your needs and consider the right way forward given your company’s unique situation. Our experience is real and hands-on. So rest assured our high-calibre change management consultants have developed all the practical tools and techniques to deliver your business change successfully.

The importance of mastering change

The global markets we now operate in, demand that organisations continuously evolve and change in order to succeed. So, the ability to master change will be a significant competitive advantage for organisations of the future. Change Management itself has evolved over the years too – and is now seen as a particular set of skills, tools, methods and techniques that when used correctly can bring about effective change. We have been involved in developing and implementing Change Management support for transformational programmes in complex environments, for more than a two decades and in this time we have developed our own, highly successful approach to change management consultancy.

Change Management

Managing change

The business strategy had been developed and delineated in a strategy consultancy report – a robust and radical change to existing operations. Our role was to help this national Insurance company to action the significant changes. We developed a coherent programme of change, utilising the power of change teams to ensure the new direction was supported and delivered by the people in the business. Result significant improvement in customer/staff satisfaction and sales increased by 12%. Click here to find out more.

Strategy & change

Focusing the business on its core strengths, developing its strategy to take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace and facilitating the changes for this mid sized life office resulted in an uplift in sales of 18%. Click here to find out more.


Focusing the business on the key drivers and organisational blockages to benefiting from a bancassurance strategy for this national bank resulted in an uplift of sales to traditional bank clients of 21%. Click here to find out more.

Mobilising the balanced scorecard as the catalyst for change

Creating an understanding of how this strategic management tool could drive performance and facilitating the roll-out for this mid sized bank was hailed by the management team as a key step in helping them change the business.

Facilitating the change from product push to customer pull

Focusing the business (National Retailer) on the issues surrounding a product push mentality and facilitating the change towards a customer pull approach. Click here to find out more.

Releasing the organisational energy to focus on the customer

Utilising the power of internal change teams to develop the customer facing cultural attributes and the associated cultural change agenda. Blame was banished and the new bywords were empowerment and mentoring. Click here to find out more.

Strategic Alignment

Facilitating the top team in the delineation of the customer strategy. Developing the change agenda and helping the client deliver. Click here to find out more.