Industry Expertise

Jamesford has extensive industry & commercial experience including financial services, consumer business, telecommunications, energy, public and the not-for-profit sectors.

Our customised teams bring each client a combination of industry knowledge and expert perspectives from other industries on the challenge at stake, to offer our clients fresh perspectives and breakthrough business insights.

Our mission is to help our clients set new standards of excellence and differentiate their customer proposition through customer centric strategies, operations and culture.

Our clients say we are different because we combine industry expertise, change management experience with a focus on bottom line delivery.

Financial Services

Financial services players will need to harness better business models to overcome shortcomings of the past and current challenges. We draw on our experience across industries to help financial services institutions find innovative ways to optimize processes, reduce back office costs, align IT, capture the economic benefits of building loyal customers, and plan for evolving competitive and regulatory landscapes. We have worked in the following sectors:-

  • Retail Banking
  • Building Societies
  • Life Assurance & General Insurance
  • Wealth Management

Jamesford has wide expertise in financial services, but we also look beyond the industry and draw upon our capabilities and experience. We tailor these offerings to the needs of our financial services clients to help them solve problems or pursue opportunities in many areas, including:-

  • Customer loyalty
  • Performance improvement
  • Organisational effectiveness
  • Change management

Financial Services

Focusing the sales/marketing on the key customers

Re-organising the sales and marketing around the key customer groups, linking operational support to customer lifetime worth and facilitating the improvement change agenda for this national insurance company increased customer satisfaction & delivered savings of 25%… Click here to find out more.

Back office cost reduction

Simplifying the core business support processes, eliminating the non-value add activities, re-organising around the internal customer support processes and facilitating the changes for this national building society delivered savings of 28%… Click here to find out more.


Focusing the business on the key drivers and organisational blockages to benefiting from a bancassurance strategy for this national bank resulted in an uplift of sales to traditional bank clients of 21%… Click here to find out more.

Strategy & change

Focusing the business on its core strengths, developing its strategy to take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace and facilitating the changes for this mid sized life office resulted in an uplift in sales of 18%… Click here to find out more.

Mobilising the balanced scorecard

Creating an understanding of how this strategic management tool could drive performance and facilitating the roll-out for this mid sized bank was hailed by the management team as a key step in helping them change the business.

Managing change

The business strategy had been developed and delineated in a strategy consultancy report – a robust and radical change to existing operations. Our role was to help this national Insurance company to action the significant changes. We developed a coherent programme of change, utilising the power of change teams to ensure the new direction was supported and delivered by the people in the business. Result significant improvement in customer/staff satisfaction and sales increased by 12%… Click here to find out more.

Merger synergies

The business strategy and plan had been prepared by this leading Private Equity investor – a robust and challenging agenda. Our role was to help the management of this ATM provider to deliver the savings. Result EBITDA increased from 7% to 18%… Click here to find out more.

Re-engineering the customer journey

Re-engineering the customer mortgage application process for this national building society resulted in a reduction of the time to offer from 30 days to one day (in principle) and a reduction in business risk.

IT cost reduction

Challenging legacy mindsets, focusing on the needs of the internal customer, employing the power of zero based budgeting, eliminating the non-value add activities, outsourcing non-core activities and in-sourcing core activities for enhanced control for this national insurance broker resulted in savings of 30%… Click here to find out more.

Financial Services

Britannic Life Assurance
Colonial Financial Services
Laurentian Financial Group
Lincoln Life
Midland Bank
Norwich Union
Rutland VC
Skipton Building Society
Willis Coroon