Customer Focus

Jamesford develops customer centric strategies which are designed to deliver customer advocacy. We work closely with our clients to help them create the customer centric organisation.

In an increasingly competitive and polarised marketplace, companies must develop a customer-focused approach to stay ahead.  The growing sophistication and empowerment of customers, accompanied by the proliferation of new channels and technologies, is forcing organisations to rethink the way they connect and build relationships with customers.

Now more than ever, it is essential to understand who your customers are, what drives them and how to stand out from your competitors by responding to their wants and needs.

We have developed a number of core services that focus on providing this type of intelligence, enabling organisations to reach a new level of customer intimacy.

Customer Focus

We have helped companies across different industries improve both their customer experience, increase customer advocacy and improve their bottom line.

We help clients by:

  • Facilitating the top teams focus on the importance of customer focus.
  • Formulating differentiated customer strategies that help create and sustain competitive advantage.
  • Identifying and implementing customer experience innovations that drive customer advocacy and reduce cost to serve.
  • Providing a 360-degree view of customers across all channels, brands and product categories to reveal opportunities for increased value.
  • Segmenting customers in a way that drives practical business decisions

Customer Focus

Focusing the sales/marketing on the key customers

Re-organising the sales and marketing around the key customer groups, linking operational support to customer lifetime worth and facilitating the improvement change agenda for this national insurance company increased customer satisfaction & delivered savings of 25%…
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Re-engineering the customer journey

Re-engineering the customer mortgage application process for this national building society resulted in a reduction of the time to offer from 30 days to one day (in principle) and a reduction in business risk.

Creating a customer first focus

Designing the customer journey to maximize value creation, organizing the supporting business activities around the customer and facilitating the improvement agenda for this national cinema chain delivered a 40% improvement in customer satisfaction and 22% hike in profits…
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Customer relationship

Re-designing the customer management process to add value for this national Telecoms company. Result, increased customer satisfaction.

Building the customer focused business

Focus the business on the key customer groups, re-design the customer journey around the customer, streamlining operations, reorganization to add value to the customer proposition and facilitating the changes for this regional Telecomms company. Result, profitable growth…
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Organising for the customer

Focused the operations of this Engineering support business for an International oil company on the key internal/external customer needs, streamlined the processes around the customer groups, reorganised around the customer and implemented enhanced business management process. Results, profitable trading and increased customer satisfaction…
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Transformation for customer value

Re-defined the business proposition, streamlined the operations, implemented new systems and introduced enhanced management reporting processes for this national Energy company. Result, now trading profitably with a number of new lines of business…
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Strategic alignment

Aligning the mission, vision, values, operational processes, structure and culture around the customer, facilitated a step change in performance for this not for profit national membership organisation…
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Customer first strategy

Developing a customer first strategy for this national membership organisation…
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World class service strategy

Designing the merged operations of two regional telecomm companies around the customer, ensuring the potential synergies were realised and facilitating the changes enabled the newly established national company to significantly grow…
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