Jamesford clients say we are different because we combine industry expertise, change management experience with a focus on bottom line delivery.

“Jamesford’s approach is the way a consultant engagement should be done. They gather the facts from the staff, and then they review and verify their interpretation with the staff before they present them to the next level.”
COO – National telecomms provider.

“Jamesford put skin in the game. You feel as though they are part of your organization.”
CEO – National retailer.

“Jamesford helped us to manage an ambitious plan – to put the customer first in everything we do.”
CEO – National cinema company.

“I was very impressed by how Jamesford truly understood who we are and developed our Strategy/Mission/Vision/Values that was authentic and unique to us.”
MD – International professional body.

“Jamesford has a good team culture and has provided consistent support even after the projects ended.”
CFO – National leisure & entertainment company.

“The benefits we’ve achieved today surpass my expectations. We’ve exceeded performance improvement targets. This project has been the biggest leap forward we’ve made in years. Thank you Paul”
Director – international insurer.

“Paul comes up with results that are actually implementable. And then helps us to deliver.”
MD – Energy Major

“Jamesford devised and led a team based approach to the problem, engaging the management team with the creation of the solution and explaining/selling the outcome to the other business unit management within Willis. Communication was a particular strength.”
CIO – Willis Coroon International Insurer

“The challenges were overcome by developing a team based inclusive approach to the problem, management and staff were included in problem/opportunity identification/analysis, development of solutions and implementation of savings. Ownership of individual intiatives was devolved. Achievements were celebrated and credited to those involved, problems were resolved without blame being apportioned. Paul provided a role model for positive thinking and creative problem solving.”
CEO – Energy Major

“Jamesford has a profound understanding of the processes involved in formulating and implementing business strategy and managing change.”
Director – Bank