Jamesford clients say we are different because we combine industry expertise, change management experience with a focus on bottom line delivery.

Our projects are designed, managed and delivered to yield client benefits which far exceed the initial investment.

Some examples of client benefits delivered include:

  • Re-engineering the customer journey for a major credit card company, resulting in a 34% reduction in customer churn and a 24% increase in customer satisfaction.
  • Transformation programme for a nuclear energy company, resulting in a cost reduction of 24%.
  • “Customer First” change programme for a major entertainment company, resulting in an enhanced customer journey, customer satisfaction increases of 40%, EBITDA increase of 18%.
  • “World Class Service” programme for a major cable/TV company, resulting in a 38% reduction in churn, market penetration increases of 19% and cost-to-serve decrease of 23%.
  • Transformation of a Quango, resulting in the executive team reduction from 33 to 8 members, staff headcount reduced by 25% and budget savings of 25%.

A selection of clients and projects are presented here…