Customer Focus – how customer focussed is your company?

The online customer focus health check helps you to assess whether your customer focused strategy and its execution is set up for success. The questionnaire has the following sections with five questions per section and the opportunity to provide more specific details if you wish:-

Section Aspect Completed

Please complete the survey and see the results for yourself.

Customer Focus Questionnaire


We have a deep understanding of our customer needs and how they might develop over the years

We understand how our competitors meet their customer needs, and know how we will outperform them

We have developed our customer strategy based on the above analysis (in Q1, Q2)

Our customer strategy has been designed to focus on customer needs and deliver product/service beyond customer expectations

We regularly solicit customer feedback to improve products/services and monitor how well our competitors are doing on the same metrics

The biggest opportunities to improve our approach to our approach to our customers are…..


Our customer strategy is designed to create unassailable competitive advantage.

Our customer strategy aims and ambitions are clear and documented

Our customer strategy has been produced using a robust approach and underpinned by customer feedback and metrics

Our customer strategy is regularly and formally reviewed and updated

Our customer strategy is at the centre of the annual business plans & priorities

Our customer strategy is particularly strong/weak in the following areas…..


We have mapped every customer touch-point in the service interaction and we understand how each touch-point affects our customer view of our service.

We fully understand our customer journey in terms of value created and our customer’s emotional response to the service interaction.

Our operational processes are designed around the customer journey.

We empower our customer facing staff to provide excellent customer service.

We regularly solicit customer feedback using recognised metrics such as the Net Promoter Score and act on the information.

The strengths and weakness of the customer journey are…..


Our structure enables the delivery of great customer focused services

We are a learning organisation and we actively support individual learning

We believe everyone is a customer of someone else, be they external customers or internal staff

Our culture celebrates excellent customer service

We value teamwork above individual excellence

The strengths and weakness of our structure/culture are…..

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