World Class Service Strategy

World Class Service Strategy


Our client is a major operator in the Cable TV/Telephony Industry. Their operations include the design and construction of the network, the operation of Cable TV/Telephony services and the recent development of a programming capability. They provide a full range of telephony services to commercial subscribers and cable tv/telephony services to residential customers. The business has recently been created from the merger of several regional players into a national organisation with a significant network which is strategically placed to provide alternative routes for UK traffic.

The client was concerned that having reorganised the business and embarked upon the introduction of a new customer management system – including the re-engineering of customer facing processes – customer service was still perceived to be poor. Moreover they realised that the delivery of excellent customer service can be a major differentiator in terms of competitive capability, which would allow them to add value to the core product offering and effectively compete with BT and BSkyB.

Consulting Assignment

The client asked us to ask their customers what they thought about the current levels of service, to assess the organisational attitude to the delivery of customer service and to help them improve.

Key Project Activities

An organisational survey was conducted in order to understand the internal view of service levels and the blockages to attaining the desired corporate goal of “World Class Service Provider.”

A consumer survey was undertaken to determine the relative importance of the various elements of the product/service mix and the consumers’ views of existing service levels.
Having established the internal obstacles to the delivery of excellent service, and consumers perception of existing service levels, we designed a programme to deliver “World Class Service.” The programme included:

  • a communication programme to feedback the results of the surveys and the way forward
  • top team workshops where we designed customer facing business processes
  • coaching the management to support customer focused practices and processes
  • team building with the operating divisions’ executive teams

Integrating the survey results into a programme of improvement ensured that the project was seen as part of the day to day management of the company, whilst providing tangible, measurable and focused results.

Client Benefits

The key benefits included: