Transforming for Customer Value

Transforming the business for customer value


Our client is a national energy company. They supply gas and electricity to commercial and consumer markets. They benefit from a strong well known brand and large customer base but had failed to really capture the inherent value of the business and its position in the marketplace.

The business had been the subject of an extensive strategy review by an International strategy house. The outcome involved:
• Greater customer focus
• Product extension – selling new services/products to the current customer base
• Operational efficiency – new systems and processes to simplify the operations and make them more cost effective
• Culture change – move away from product push to customer pull

Consulting Assignment

The client asked us to help them with the customer focus and culture change aspects of the strategic renewal and PWC handled the operations and IT issues.

Key Project Activities

We conducted a review including competitor review, customer survey, executive and staff structured interviews.

As the new CEO said “our customers have always been loyal to our business but the market is changing, its becoming far more competitive and we need to find better ways to serve them.”

We reviewed the results of the business review with the executive team. We then facilitated a number of workshops with the executive team to jointly develop the new customer strategy and the cultural changes required. The key elements were:

  • Strategy:
    • Revised mission, vision and values to focus on the customer
    • Strategy and plan to support the mission
  • Structure:
    • Re-organised around the customer
    • De-layering
    • Team based management process and incentive scheme
  • Culture:
    • Celebrating great customer service interactions & solutions
    • Empowerment and mentoring

And a change programme was developed and implemented to deliver the above. The change programme consisted of the following teams and brief:

  • Customer focus – how to ensure we add value to everything we do on the customer journey?
  • Structure – how to organise ourselves to support the business focus and our customers?
  • Culture – how to eliminate blame, breakdown the structural barriers and create an empowered/mentored workforce?

Client Benefits

The key client benefits were: