Strategy and Alignment

Strategy and Alignment


Our client is a major service provider. Their operations include network construction, and the provision of entertainment and communication services to both commercial and residential consumers. Distribution is primarily conducted through direct and telephone sales channels.

The business has been the subject of a recent merger and the client was concerned that:

  • The strategy for growth was fragmented and unsupported by business plans.
  • The senior and middle management team neither believed in the strategy nor identified ways in which it could be implemented.
  • The current structure was impeding growth.

Consulting Assignment

The client asked us to integrate the business objectives into a coherent strategy for growth which was supported by workable business plans, to gain senior management buy in and design an organisation structure which would enable implementation of the business objectives.

Key Project Activities

Strategy Delineation
Working with the top team in a series of one to one and group workshop sessions we integrated the business objectives into a cohesive strategy, combining the requirements to provide a segmented approach to the market and differentiate the product offering through customer service with the need to introduce an effective and responsive strategic management process.

Operationalising the Strategy
Having developed the Corporate Strategy we set about explaining it to the business by forming six multi-disciplinary strategy implementation groups. Each group, comprised of senior managers, were given the task of formulating detailed operational plans to deliver specific aspects of the strategy. They worked together in facilitated workshops over a period of three months and produced detailed plans for implementation.

The process of operationalising the strategy highlighted the key business processes which would deliver success. We then set about designing a structure which would support the business processes and reflect value add in the chain of service delivery.

Client Benefits

The key benefits were:-