Strategic Alignment

Strategic Alignment around Customers


Our client is a National professional membership organisation. Their services cover training, professional qualifications, industry insights, advice and a national voice for the industry. Headquarters are in the South East, with active regional councils for a membership of 13,000. The organisation represents a relatively new profession, with a market potential of over 120,000 and opportunities to extend overseas.

Like all new emerging organisations they faced issues around direction and purpose. The old guard preferred the low risk and profitable trade union style and the youngish turks wanted to pursue a complete professionalisation of their industry to achieve a chartered membership status. These divisions of belief/focus between the active regional base, the members council, the company board and its employees were creating a dysfunctional organisation.

Consulting Assignment

The client asked us to help them to focus the organisation via:

  • The development of an agreed mission, vision and values
  • The development of the strategy
  • With recommendations for change

Key Project Activities

We conducted a series of interviews with the various stakeholder groups:

  • Customers
  • Regional boards
  • Membership council
  • Company board
  • Executives and staff

From the results we developed a straw model Mission/Vision/Values statement and work-shopped this with members of the membership council, board and staff.

Having agreed the focus, values and objectives for the organisation we went onto develop the strategy, operational improvements, supporting structure and management process changes. Once again these were work-shopped to ensure acceptance and buy in.

Client Benefits

The result was a 92% acceptance of the newly developed focus and strategy from the various stakeholder groups (when we put it to the vote).