Segmenting Markets

Segmenting Consumer Markets


Our client is a major service provider. Their operations include network construction, and the provision of entertainment and communication services to both commercial and residential consumers. Distribution is primarily conducted through direct, retail and telephone sales channels.

The client was concerned that sales growth was significantly behind budget, the marketing spend was not delivering the expected levels of penetration and as a consequence the planned network growth was in jeopardy. They realised that a segmented approach to understanding and fulfilling the diverse needs of the potential customer base was appropriate but felt that some help was needed.

Consulting Assignment

The client asked us to help them with their market analysis, marketing strategy and promotional plan.

Key Project Activities

The Analysis…
One to one interviews were conducted with senior Sales and Marketing managers to determine the efficacy of the existing marketing strategies.

Desk research of consumer and marketing information was undertaken to provide hard data on current and potential customers.

The Solution…
A series of workshops were conducted with senior Sales and Marketing Managers, where we jointly:-

  • Reviewed customer needs and the existing value propositions.
  • Segmented consumer markets, defined customer requirements and delineated the customer value proposition – which were then tested through a market research programme.
  • Positioned the brand, the price, the promotion and channel for effectively taking the product to market.
  • Designed test marketing and final marketing programmes.
  • Designed marketing information feedback and review processes.


A marketing strategy focused on the needs of the differing customer groups: