Managing the Change Agenda

Managing the Change Agenda


Our client is a major service provider. Their operations cover the provision of a diversified range of products directly to consumers. The Business has recently been created from the merger of several smaller players, which has precipitated a complete organisational restructuring, the appointment of a new Top Team and the refocusing of the strategy.
The client was concerned that, despite the time and energy which had been devoted to the re-organisation and re-alignment of objectives, the business was failing to meet targets, customer complaints were increasing and morale was low.

Consulting Assignment

The client asked us to conduct an organisational survey to unearth the reasons for poor performance. In the words of the CEO…..”people don’t come to work to fail……our job is to help them succeed.”

Key Project Activities

The Analysis…
One to one interviews were conducted with the top team and senior management group in order to uncover the organisational issues.

Focus group sessions were conducted with a stratified sample of middle managers and junior employees in order to gain a working knowledge of how the organisational issues were affecting the day-to-day operations.

The Solution…
A series of workshops were conducted with the Top Team and Senior Management group, whereby we jointly reviewed the organisational blockages, considered alternative solutions and designed an improvement programme.

The Implementation…
We jointly designed a communication programme to explain the new organisational structure, business processes and objectives.

We set up five improvement teams, each with a main board Director and cross functional membership, with the brief to deliver a specific objective and break down the organisational departmental barriers.

Client Benefits

The key benefits included: