Establishing a government NDPB on commercial lines

Establishing a government NDPB on commercial lines


Our client is a central government agency. They had established an NDPB with the aim of developing the infrastructure and homes in a designated development area. They wished the entity to be commercially effective and set a new standard for NDPB’s

Our client was concerned that previous efforts to establish NDPB’s along commercial lines had resulted in lengthy delays and inertia.

Consulting Assignment

The newly appointed CEO (from within the government agency) wished to gain first hand experience of how a private sector company would approach the problem and therefor asked us to help set up the new organisation

Key Project Activities

We undertook the following activities:

  • Strategy and business plan. Working with the CEO and other NDPB’s we developed a detailed business plan and financial plan for the ten year project life of the body
  • Operating plan. We went onto develop a detailed operating plan for the next three years.
  • Structural plan. Developed the organisational plan and resource requirements.
  • Management and governance. Developed appropriate best in class business management and governance practices.

The above were signed off and we helped the CEO recruit the key directors

Client Benefits

The NDPB was declared ready for business by the audit commission and an enactment of parliament enabled the commencement of trading all within six months (the previous NDPB had taken 20 months).