Newsletter – Creating A Customer First Strategy

In a recent project we helped our client to jointly develop a customer first strategy. We employed a co-working approach to developing the strategy, operational processes, structural changes and management processes to support a customer first approach to the marketplace. This is the detailed case study…


Our client is a National professional body. Their services cover training, professional qualifications, insights, advice and a national voice for their members. They are one of three professional bodies which are of similar size, ranking and provide very similar services, in what might be considered a crowded marketplace.

Competition between the three bodies had to a large degree been based on market perception of the respective professional qualification and the success of their members. However, the search for competitive advantage was ever present and the client was keen to ensure they could maintain an edge on the others.

Consulting Assignment

The client asked us to help them to develop their own version of a customer centric strategy and implementation plan.

Key Project Activities

We conducted a series of interviews with the various stakeholder groups. From the results we developed a straw model customer centric strategy and a gap analysis of where the client was currently operating.

We then work-shopped the issues with the executive team and developed a joint approach on:

  • The future customer centric strategy
  • The operational changes that were necessary to support the strategy
  • The structural changes needed
  • The management process and KPI’s to support the customer strategy

The final step was to develop a change programme for the executive to follow.

Client Benefits

The result was a client owned customer centric strategy and implementation plan.

The story continues as the client continues on the journey.

Kind regards
Paul Foord